Trust: The Performance Triangle

May 20, 2020
“Two are better than one only if two can act as one."  - Coach K

Trust is a differentiator that leads to elite performance, elite accountability, and elite relationships. Creating a culture of trust is paramount to boosting and accelerating performance within teams, organizations, and individuals. The above quote references one of the best coaches in all of sports speaking about trust. Coach Mike Krzyzewski talks about the importance of trust with his team at Duke, and he achieves this through many exercises and ideas each season. In one simple exercise he will randomly ask a player, “Is two greater than one?” Players will generally answer, “yes, of course two is better than one.” Coach responds, “Not necessarily. Two are only better than one if two can act as one.” I love this representation of trust from Coach K, and how its simplicity holds such a powerful meaning. 

While it seems obvious that we should have...

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